Time to be happy

It's been a while since I last sat down with you to give you a proper udpate. I mean sure you know I've been to Ireland recently, and previously Bath - and other places in between that still need to be blogged about! 

It's crazy to think how much life can change in the space of 6 months. Crazy to think about where I was physically (Bali) and emotionally (scared/confused) 6 months ago. Time does heal and karma has got your back.

I almost don't even want to say this out loud but since the beginning of this year, good things keep on happening to me, as if the universe was giving me a tap on the shoulder whispering 'hey girl, you've got this' - and for the first time in a long time I finally feel like I actually got this.

I don't have everything figured out, I have no idea what the next 6 months are going to bring but I've got a feeling it's going to be pretty damn good (all fingers and toes crossed)

Around Christmas last year I just had no idea what 2015 was going to bring, no idea what direction I should be heading, where I should even start, what should I do with my career, with my blog, where should I live, should I stay at home for a bit or go straight into job hunting? ALL THE QUESTIONS.

Then someone wise told me, "You want to know a secret? ... no one has it figured out. NO one EVER. and if they look like they do then it's just on the surface, deep down we're all trying to do the best that we can, figuring things out along the way" Once you let that sink in, suddenly everything feels much easier, much lighter. 

So wait.. what? I actually DON'T have to have it all planned out on paper, scheduled in, step by step in an excel sheet? 

Sometimes you've just got to give yourself a little pat on the back (or better - a full on bear hug), trust that everything will be ok in the end. Trust that gut feeling. Trust the butterflies. Trust yourself.

These days I wander around beautiful London, I wake up every morning happy to do what I do, I don't hate Mondays anymore, I feel inspired and motivated, I go on adventures, I live somewhere that inspires me, I'm excited about the future, I feel happy!

Now a little bit more about my new arm candy - my newest discovery is called Daisy Knights (LOVE the name.. covers all sides of my personality ;) thanks to Selfridges who spoiled me rotten. I've only recently started wearing watches on a daily basis again. Just because I don't think I ever found one that just works with everything you know? This one just goes perfectly with my gold bangle that I never take off, and black is the new black.

On that note, have a wonderful weekend! (I'd love to say 'sunny weekend' but it'll be more of a 'hibernate under your duvet with takeaway food kinda weekend' ha!)

| Photography by Nishaantishu | Model num. 2 : Molly the labradoodle, property of Freya from Nishaantishu |

Our Irish Road Trip | County Clare | Part I

Ten thousand years later, I'm here! As you may remember I escaped off to Ireland over Easter to surprise my little sister who's currently studying in Dublin. She knew about mum & dad coming over to visit but that was about it.

I've never been good at keeping secrets. Organising surprises is a skill I do not master. I'm mostly dying to tell you what I've been planning - because if I'm planning you a surprise you can be sure I love you more than most people, and by definition you're normally aware of my every moves.

Anyway, the point is I have no poker face (we discussed this before!) so when Lizzie asked me on Skype why the hell wasn't I buying plane tickets to join them for Easter, I had to concentrate so hard to lie that I looked like I was about to cry which turned out to be a great trick, she stopped questionning me altogether and started worrying about my emotional sanity.

Early on the thursday morning I made my way to the airport feeling like it was Christmas morning - gosh do I miss her when we're apart. We talk almost every day but it's never the same as being with each other!

Hours later, I made it into Dublin, hid in a cafe until lunch where I suprised her in an Italian restaurant. She screamed, then cried, then I cried, then everyone in the restaurant was watching, then we did our happy dance, squealed some more and finally managed to calm down for a nice lunch. She'll tell you she KNEW I was coming, but that's all lies.. she's just showing off.

We spent the first night in Dublin before making our way into the countryside. Dad rented a car, all set with a truck load of car snacks, we played a good mix of Drake and Ray Charles driving around the back roads of Ireland stopping along the way for tea and a lot of photos. I spent 4 days laughing non-stop. Abs of steel I tell ya.

These shots were taken on an ice cream/lunch stop at Lehinch in County Clare. We were supposed to see the Cliffs of Moher... which we sort of missed somehow?! We thought those ones were the real thing when in an actual fact they were just around the corner... Another excuse for us to come back! 

Bath Time | Part II

I hope you all had a magical Easter weekend filled with so much chocolate you can't even look at a Malteser bunny in the eye anymore (speaking from experience) As you may have seen on instagram I spent mine away in Ireland to surprise my sister - I'll obviously tell you all about it very soon... In the meantime, our day in Bath was not quite over yet!

We left the spa all crinkly, ready for some food - but first we walked around the town while I took a million and one photos of all the beautiful houses. You could almost imagine yourself in a Jane Austen novel if you were squinting hard enough. A day wasn't enough to see everything, as always, but it made me want to come back for more! You guys gave so many recomendations on Instagram that day, I've got a long list to keep me going next time I'm back.. Mel is already planning our next visit to buy all of those teapots - she collects them and couldn't beleive her eyes that we missed that magical little store, I mean they had an AGA TEAPOT. So for the sake of Mel's sanity - we will be back Bath!