Down to the River

I know, I know.. I've been dragging on these photos from France for WEEKS now, but we seriously took so many I just couldn't face not sharing them with you. This was on one of the hottest days, Lizzie had come home from Toulouse, we had just spent the day by the pool, the light was turning gold, Hector (the labrador) was getting impatient so we jumped in our wellies and headed towards the stream, a short walk away from the house. 

When we were little we used to take a small picnic with us (mostly Nutella sandwhiches) hop on our bikes and go play in the stream for hours. We'd pretend to be be Robinson Crusoe, walking down the stream making new discoveries. At times we'd even take the horses down after a long ride.

This time it was only us and Hector, it was hot and he needed some cooling down - we have a strict no dog in the pool rule - so off we went. For a moment you feel like you're in another world, feet in the water, in a tunnel of greenery. 

(For the back story, I had terrible hay fever, which explains the 3 km long kitchen roll situation ((photo 4)) when I asked Lizzie to bring some tissues back...that girl)

Pink Skies

Summer sunsets always kill it don't they?! The colours are just out of this world. It's normally around the time everyone is fussing about in the kitchen helping dad prepare a feast or moaning about being hungry. Some of us might be bathing themselves in after sun lotion after spending the entire day like a lizzard by the pool. Either way, we're all dispersed around the house, until the light goes slightly orange through the windows.. in the 5 minutes following that candy coloured light piercing through the curtains, you can be sure someone will have shouted from down the stairs to run out and watch the sunset. We all gather in the field at the back of the house and sit there in awe. Even Hugo thinks it's quite the show.

Pool Days

It has been so hot in the past few days, I've been looking at these photos from my time at home a few weeks ago, wishing I could be back in that pool. Note to self : DO NOT take the central line on the hottest day of the year. It was the sauna from hell. At the moment all I wish for is to be wheeled around in an ice bath. I miss pool days at home with Lizzie.

We normally start early in the morning, lather ourselves up in sunscreen, make a pot of tea and jump right in, when the water is still cool from the night before. It's the best way to wake up. Bikini tops are optional, we're French after all.. ha! We read in the shade, make up synchronised swimming routines to our favourite Taylor Swift songs ;) from time to time we run back to the house for snacks and refreshments, while Hector naps in the shade. Remember that time we picked cherries in the mountains and then spent the rest of the day like lizzards by the pool? It's the very best.