Pool Days

It has been so hot in the past few days, I've been looking at these photos from my time at home a few weeks ago, wishing I could be back in that pool. Note to self : DO NOT take the central line on the hottest day of the year. It was the sauna from hell. At the moment all I wish for is to be wheeled around in an ice bath. I miss pool days at home with Lizzie.

We normally start early in the morning, lather ourselves up in sunscreen, make a pot of tea and jump right in, when the water is still cool from the night before. It's the best way to wake up. Bikini tops are optional, we're French after all.. ha! We read in the shade, make up synchronised swimming routines to our favourite Taylor Swift songs ;) from time to time we run back to the house for snacks and refreshments, while Hector naps in the shade. Remember that time we picked cherries in the mountains and then spent the rest of the day like lizzards by the pool? It's the very best.

French Markets

On Saturday mornings when I'm at home (in France) we always, ALWAYS go to the market. It doesn't matter the weather, the season or how much you actually need to go. You just go. I find it hilarious to go with dad now because he knows everyone.. he'll be walking around saying hi to 10 different people, chatting to the grocers about their best produce, tactically making his way around. He knows exaclty who does what best and has his favourites, the bread lady even puts his 2 favourites loaves aside for him. When he's done buying half of the market he'll sit down en terrace for a strong cup of coffee with some friends, alongside half of the town. That's when my favourite activity begins : people watching (and people listening).

This time of the year is my favourite minus the dreaded hayfever - the stalls are full with juicy cherries, plump apricots, crunchy asparagus and as always, mountains of garlic, piles of hearty bread and strings of heavenly saucisson. We bought a huge bag of cherries, ended up eating half of it at the actual market. We got told off by maman who quickly forgave us when we presented her with the creamiest of goat's cheese (eaten with the last handfull of cherries left in the basket) Can you tell dad passed on his obsession of great food? I think he was definitely French in a past life.

I am currently in the countryside at my grandparent's house enjoying some time outside of London while everyone else is either at Ascot or watching the tennis! (where are you?!) Turns out it has been raining most of the day so I'm kind of glad I didn't go... (that's what I keep telling myself anyway..) No market today but if I was in London I'd be spending half of my day at Broadway market for sure, not exactly French but close enough! What are your weekend plans?!

Behind The Scenes : In the Hay Fever Fields

As promised after yesterday's post, I had to share with you the whole bunch of photos that weren't so 'professional'. Our house is in the middle of nowhere and quite similar to an animal sanctuary... You can't spend 5 minutes without a fur ball coming to bug you, asking for a scratch, more food or licking your face.

If you're wondering what I'm doing in the last photos... just scratching my horse's favourite spot ya know.. (and here goes an award to the weirdest sentence ever written...) Once you start, he will literally follow you EVERYWHERE begging for another scratch.. they're really bothered by all the flies at this time of the year. Also note that straw hats are actually just a delicious snacks for poneys (he ate a bit of it, no jokes) 

ps: I miss my tan, it's fading at the speed of light.