In the Studio with Oh Flora

This is long overdue - and by long I mean several months overdue - I shot these last year! In September to be exact, when I was still living in Sydney! My dear friend Tanya (another Tans) is the most talented florist I have ever met. She owns her own company called Oh Flora. She just has that vibe you know? She gets it. She's got that wild bohemian thing going on, which is one of the reasons we get on so well! Tans needed some updated shots for her website, I needed fresh flowers (when do I not?!) It was a win-win situation.

I just loved every single minute spent in her studio. There is nothing better than letting your creativity run wild, to be able to do your own thing with your friend and come up with some cool photos! Arranging things to make them look pretty and effortless, playing with light and colours, I mean that's my definition of FUN. Watching Tanya put these arrangements together so effortlessly and so fast, just blew my mind. She's the flower queen for sure. 

I met Tanya at Soph's wedding (actually at her bridal shower, and then at the wedding) as she was organizing all the flowers and bouquets for both occasions. Remember these?? She's hilarious and says 'man' a lot, I love her! Very sad not to be living in her neighbourhood anymore - she used to come by weekfly with fresh flowers, no jokes - but I'm trying to convince her to move to Europe for a bit. One thing is for sure, I know who will be my florist at my (future, not happening anytime soon, don't freak out) wedding.

-  Check Tanya's Instagram & portfolio - Oh and check the latest collaboration she did with Soph, it's breathtaking! -

The Best Hot Chocolate in London : Said

Said Hot Chocolate London

I don't say that lightly! My favourite kind of hot chocolate is thick, rich, creamy and full of flavour. Definitely not the milky, powdered kind you get at every street corner, but the kind that could be called a meal in itself.

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

To this day I still remember having what I thought was the best hot chocolate then, it was one sunny morning in Spain years ago when I was 11 or 12. It came with a churro that you could dip in your cup. It was breakfast. As you can imagine it stayed with me for a very long time.. and I don't recall having something quite like it ever again, until of course last saturday.

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

Actually thinking about it now, I remember having one memorable hot chocolate in Guadeloupe (again probably 10 years ago..), prepared the real way by actually grating the cocoa bean straight into a hot pan of fresh milk. With added spices and sugar cane syrup.. It was exploding with flavours. We ended up coming back with suitcases full of cocoa beans. As tasty as it was it wasn't rich or decadent enough.

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

Which really, let's be honest is all you really want. Saying that after one cup, you're probably done for the day. Unless of course your 3 best girlfriends are with you and you're on a food tour around London, then the hot chocolate turns out to be a starter.

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

Freya introduced us to this little corner or Soho. It's almost something out of Harry Potter, with deep cauldrons of thick chocolate bubbling away. The whole place is covered in silver tins, everything a baker could dream of. 

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

We all met up just before brunch. I couldn't be more excited because I was finally introducing Soph to Rosie & Freya. They have obviously been talking and following each other on all possible social media for over a year but they had never met because around the time when we all got really close, Soph moved back to Sydney. I knew they would get on really well but it is such a great feeling when you bring two of your closest groups together and they get on like house on fire.

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

So much so that we couldn't take one photo without one of us laughing their heads off.

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

or flipping our heads back and forth.. (soph?)

Said Hot Chocolate London | Joy Felicity Jane

It was the start of a wonderful day with some of the best people I know. Jason (Rosie's fiancee soon to be husband...!!!!) was there too, and it was the first time we'd met (because again, I left to Australia!) He's just the best, and it makes me so happy to see how good he is to Rosie and how happy they are. Also what is it about all my friends being married (or almost) ?!

- You can watch a few snippets of our day over on Rosie's last video! -

Everyday is Pancake Day

In my mind anyway... If I could, I'd have them every morning, but logistically yoghurt & granola is just a little quicker. (or is it?)

Being half French, pancake day called 'la chandeleur' is taken VERY seriously, with flipping competitions (which some years ended with a couple of them stuck on the ceiling) followed by a crêpes dinner.

In our household crêpes were a regular occurance, mum would often surprise us with warm Nutella crêpes after school and we'd most definitely have crêpes if we visited mamie over the weekend... Still to this day, Lizzie & I feel like it's Christmas morning every time mum makes them. Lizzie will have about 15 in a row (that girl can EAT) emptying half a pot of Nutella at the same time. 

Mum's secret recipe hasn't been disclosed yet (I'm working on it) but my favourites are these fluffy blueberry pancakes which I also make with strawberries sometimes. Also, if all you have is flour, milk and one egg - you're in luck. Just follow Jamie Oliver's recipe which is : 1 mug of self raising flour, 1 egg, 1 mug of milk and 1 pinch of salt. They make the perfect everyday pancakes! (Any mug will do) 

I'm actually heading to the shops now for some last minutes pancakes..! Which ones are you making??