My happy place covered in snow

The snow has been falling on & off all week, not so much where we live (40 min away from this beautiful place), but higher up in the mountains there is already up to a meter of snow. This beautiful white powder makes everything look so magical - I felt like I was in Bambi or maybe Narnia for a second & a half (with a couple of unicorns..) I love this place so much, I grew up here, we lived there when I was a little girl. It brings back so many beautiful memories. Picnics in the park, bottle feeding little lambs in the stables, sledging down the hill... I have a lot more summer memories there as we used to move somewhere else in the winter but oh boy how I love this place! I took these photos earlier on this week & a few this evening before it got too dark. I can't wait until next weekend when the ski stations will open up! I am currently on the sofa with my toes almost IN the fire (frostbite was THIS close) & it's snowing again, so who knows this might be a white weekend at home! Is it snowing where you are? 

Tania Joy17 Comments