One cold morning step by step

This is what happens on a beautiful icy morning when three people wake up at different times in this house & I've left my camera on the kitchen table. Poor Lizzie is the first to get up, she wakes up before the sun comes out, to get ready for school. She snapped the first 6 pictures (I'm giving you the exact details because otherwise there will be an argument later, fighting over who took what picture)

We are VERY competitive in this family, like probably on another level. We once had a competition of 'who can take the best photograph on this family holiday' when we travelled around Kerala, India. Dad won with a picture of tiger poop he took on a trek in the jungle... Guys I wish I was kidding, I'm really not, I've got the proof (I'll spare you the poop picture for another day)

Anyway, so Lizzie took those amazing photos, aren't they great?! Then mum got up shortly after, the sun was just coming out & she took the 3 following photos (Hi mum!) Those golden colours are just unbelievable. Then I finally got up (I'm not a morning person, you know that already right?!) It wasn't THAT late, but I had just missed the sunrise & the frost was starting to melt, I'm just fascinated by frost, it just turns everything into beautiful ice sculptures. Also I've just realised I posted about frost last Friday...shall we call them 'Frost Fridays' from now on?