BackRoad Views

A couple of weeks ago, driving back from the airport after dropping my cousin off, we took the backroad & decided to stop in the most beautiful little town called Vals. It is well known for it's picturesque Church dating back from the 10th century (!!!) which was built (literally) inside a rock. You have to walk through a dark little tunnel to access the first part of the 'Notre-Dame de Vals' Church. Inside you are just mind-blown by it's simplistic beauty, stunning frescos & cave-like features. The view you get when you're standing on top of the rock/church is the real winner, especially at sunset. France you beauty! Sometimes you just have to get lost taking the backroad, stop along the way & admire the view. I promise you won't regret it.

*All photos taken with my iPhone 5

Tania Joy14 Comments