Weekend Scenes

This weekend was the last few days I had my little sister all to myself before school steals her away from me again. We visited my godmother in the 'Les Landes' region, near Bordeaux, by the ocean. I hadn't seen her in months so it was good to catch up. The weather wasn't kind to us at all, it was raining most weekend, & not just a thin drizzle, actual buckets were falling from the sky. We managed to go out between two showers, walking in the nearby forest for a wiggle with Hector. We didn't even manage to go to the ocean, it was a half an hour drive that we didn't want to do when we would have had to stay indoors anyway... so we ate ourselves silly. Naturally. Homemade pizzas, chocolate cake, chicken Tajine, & delicious fruits salads. Mostly Italian & Moroccan themed... We spent a lot of our time in our pyjamas, singing to whatever was on TV & laughing to whatever Mimi came up with. Oh weekends, why don't you last forever? I hope today wasn't too painful for those of you back at work/school...!