Slowly Settling In

Slowly getting into a new routine, getting used to my surroundings. I already love the new flat I'm sharing with two lovely girls, I have to say I was seriously lucky. This week has been a little crazy, running errands in & out of the city, interviews, deliveries, appointments... I can't wait until it all calms down so I can start being a real tourist, taking the time to visit all the places on the list Soph wrote for me! I've barely taken my camera out, such a bad blogger! but I will have you know that it's been out & about all day, and I have a couple of beach plans over the weekend so more photos to come! I hope you all have the best weekend, go on an adventure!

Ps: I made three categories in the blog's 'shop' one for Winter, one for Summer & one for all of my favourite bits & bobs around the internet including my favourite beauty products... This time difference & winter/summer situation is highly confusing.....! Check it out hovering over the 'shop' tab & clicking on the category you want to stalk!

Tania Joy4 Comments