My Beauty Essentials

This is not something I usually post about but something I love to read on other people's blogs, so I thought why the hell not! I'm really curious, I like to have a sneak peek into people's bathrooms (& lives in general.. Don't we all !!) So I thought you might like it too.. (actually that's a small lie, I did post about a few of my summer essentials last year!) You will find that some products haven't changed, mainly because they are amazing & I haven't found anything better to replace them...but I've also added a bunch of gems that are worth a shout!


// Aesop - I could probably write you an essay about how much I love Aesop, but we'll just keep it for another day! This Geranium Leaf body cleanser & body balm smell so divinely good & leave my skin feeling smooth. The packaging is perfect too, which helps to decorate your bathroom.. the ultimate combo.

// Eau de Baux Deodorant - L'occitane has always been one of my favourite shop. I am in love with their Rose 4 Reine line, especially their shower gel (if you must know one thing about me is that I am obsessed with the smell of Roses, lavender comes close second) They also do a pretty good deodorant! I've always preferred men's deodorant - I think woman's deodorants can smell too sweet & overpowering, men's ones are much more discrete. This particular one smells like wood, cypress &'s hard to describe but it's like a sexy lumberjack in a roll-on. Makes total sense to me. Go smell it. 


// Coconut Oil - My number one staple. I don't know what I would do without it. I use it as moisturiser on my face, body, as a hair mask, as a makeup remover, I cook with it, make pancakes with it.. I'm telling you, this stuff is made out of dreams. I mean it makes your hair grow/shine/healthy/soft, it lowers cholesterol & high blood pressure, it is moisturising/anti-aging/treating for the skin..I could go on & on. I bought this at the supermarket. Just make sure it's organic, unrefined & cold pressed for best results!

// Vaseline Spray Moisturiser - I've discovered this when I first arrived in Sydney, I needed moisturiser, this was the only thing on the shelves in my local supermarket... I was mind-blown. I hate how long it takes to moisturise after a shower, but with this bottle, it takes more or less 1 minute. Spray it all over, rub in a little, DONE. It helps that it smells nice & fresh too!

// Melvita L'or Bio - This was already in my past essentials post, but it hasn't left my side since then. I often use it on my hair, more recently before & after the beach because it smells like a holiday, but also on my face when it needs a little boost. It's liquid gold (it lasts forever too!)

// Pai Camelia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser - Pai has literally changed my skin. Honestly. I've always had sensitive skin, that would mark or go red or react in some ways with almost any products I would use. Especially cleansers & face creams. Those products are game changers. This cleanser is so good it should be king of all cleansers. It leaves my skin as soft as a peach.

// Pai Macademia & Rose Cream - Same goes with this cream. Absolute game changer. As you can see I've finished the bottle already but some more has already been ordered! I've also tried their cream for sensitive skin (Chamomille & Rosehip) which was lighter & as perfect. This one is a bit thicker, best for winter months, or on very dry skin. All natural no nasties, it is seriously perfect.

// Dermatologica Daily Microfoliant - It's a powder that you sprinkle in the palm of your hand & turn into a paste..genius. It's made with rice, oatmeal, green tea extract..all good stuff! I love how it feels, it's super gentle on my skin. Perfect in my morning shower.


// Even Better Foundation, Clinique - I think when it comes to makeup, less is more. I'm not one to spend hours in the bathroom every morning, I like to be quick & efficient, which means I have a few staples that I know work well without having to do much at all. I was never happy with foundations up until my friend told me about this gem. I've got super sensitive skin, so the less is more rule goes along with the ingredients list as well. Clinique doesn't use any fragrance which cuts off a whole bunch of nasty chemicals. It hides any imperfections & looks very natural. I've had this bottle since last April, so it might seem a bit expensive to begin with but it lasts!

// Hoola, Benefit - my favourite bronzer. I've been buying it for years, I don't think I'll ever stop!

// Rouge in Love, Lancome - I love a good lipstick. I go through phases when I'm obsessed with a certain colour, but red always comes back. Red lipstick can make an outfit, it can also make you feel like a million dollars. When I want to dress up a bit, a good red is a must (the wine kind as well)

// Ilia Mascara - A little while back I decided to swap most of my cosmetics for something more natural (read No More Dirty Looks - I beg you!) I am doing it gradually though, as soon as something runs out, I start looking for a more natural replacement.. Mascara was a bit tricky to change, mainly because I didn't think an all natural bees wax mascara could do a good job.. but this little gem from Ilia has proved me wrong! (for all of you Londoners, I recommend checking the Being Content shop on Conduit Street!)


// Lavender Purifying Gel - A must in my handbag. Did I mention my second all time favourite smell is Lavender??  When you put this on, it literally smells like you've dipped your hands in Provence. 

// Probiotics - Because it all starts from the inside! I take one a day, I'd recommend probiotics to everyone!

// Rescue Remedy - for when I'm feeling a little anxious & the stress levels are through the roof. It doesn't happen often but this little elixir helps tremendously!

// Fruit Face Mask, Little Beauty - I couldn't find this one anywhere online, it was given to me by my cousin who got it in one of those beauty boxes. It's so good I'll keep hunting it down.. but the one I've linked is very similar & does beautiful things to my face.

// Rose Vaseline - another must in my handbag. Perfect in the winter for chapped lips, and dry skin.


// Clarins, Eau Ensoleillante - I hope they never stop making this! It's my go-to summer fragrance, it's alcohol free so no risk in the sun. It smells like summer on a tropical island.

// Chloe Perfume - I've been wearing it for YEARS, & I never want to stop. It smells like delicate roses (of course)