Coastal Walk | Cremorne Point, Sydney

Sydney has truly blown me away. The more I get to know this beautiful city the more I'm falling in love with it (mum I will be back don't freak out!) This is only a short walk from my place.. I go there often, to clear my mind, exercise (it's a long walk all around the coast, with a dip in the ocean pool half way if I feel like it) or just to read my book by the water.

To get there you have to walk along this beautiful little path through gum trees, small bridges, flowers so beautiful they almost look fake.. you can hear the kookaburras, the cicadas singing their little hearts out if it's hot enough & the waves crashing peacefully down below. It's so nice it kinda makes me wish I was good at jogging you know?

Some days I go all the way around, some days I only reach the ocean pool for a swim, some days I just sit there to watch the sunset over the Opera House. I have to pinch myself to check that I'm not sleep walking & dreaming this up every single time though. This is the kind of place that makes you feel alive & really happy to exist.

I've picked a new habit here... collecting frangipani flowers. I like to see how many I can fit in my bag & how many can stay in my salty hair. I love the smell SO much! To me Australia smells like eucalyptus trees, the sea, barbecues & frangipani flowers. I wish I could bottle it up! That last house is so dreamy, I was almost tempted to go knock on the door & ask if I could 'temporarily' move in... do you think they would mind??