Highlights of MBFWA | Part I

My Internet is BACK (I almost didn't want to write this in case I jinks it…but this is m a j o r news!!) Not only that but I've also just recovered from a nasty flu which kept be bedridden for a couple of days.. of course just when I was finally off work & I could relax. It's always like that isn't it?! So here we go.. let's celebrate with the first bunch of photos from Fashion Week!

>> Fashion Week kicked off on Sunday evening with the stunning Carla Zampatti show.  Unfortunately I didn't have the best seat, so my photos are a bit dark & blurry (I've discovered throughout the week how hard it is to capture moving models on the runway…..some of them are almost running!) The first night was a bit surreal for me, I was following Margaret around (I was assisting her all week) and she was introducing me to all these famous bloggers, & celebrities… (which I have to say *shameonme* I didn't know a lot of them, because well…they're all australian ha! .. No offence to you celebs! ps: I did know who Jordan & Zac were though… *sigh* HOW CAN YOU NOT?!) it just felt like I was transported to a parallel world, it was magical, actually the whole week was pretty surreal!


>> Loved discovering new labels (new to me!) all throughout Fashion Week. I've straight up fell in love with Australian Fashion. Having lived in Europe all my life, I'm afraid to say I was completely unaware that all these talented designers existed here down under, but a whole new world has opened up to me! One of them being Kahlo - right now I want all things copper & mint. Also if you must know, crop tops are THE big thing.. everyone had their own crop top version, as a crop top enthusiast I was pretty happy! (see that golden/copper one on the right hand corner..? YES PLEASE)

>> The N.L.P show was just so much fun! Think Avatar meets neoprene swimwear. Those girls killed it, beautifully choreographed! Now I'm not sure I could see myself wearing those pieces right there, maybe I'm not Avatar-esque enough?! I do love their bikinis though, I really need to try out this whole neoprene thing!

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