Moodboard 05 | Darling Girl (+ Music)

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Those four beautiful pictures were meant to be together, that beautiful light pulling them closer together, telling us a story. I thought I'd keep it short & sweet, leaving you with some music I've been listening to lately - best listened when you are in a quiet mood, early in the morning, reading your book, or maybe late at night wrapped in a warm blanket. 

As you may know I don't go very long without music playing in the background - some of you told me you quite like listening to my Tumblr's music, so I'm making sure to update it regularly & maybe I'll also make sure to share more music with you here. Sit down, grab something sweet, close your eyes & enjoy...

 This playlist differs slightly from the one on my tumblr.. a few songs came on & a few came off, so make sure to check both :) 

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