4 Recipes | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

I spend a good 64% of my time thinking about food (some days it might even go up to 78% - it's very accurate as you can tell). Not because I'm hungry all day long (well not always..) but dreaming up recipes & grocery shopping lists is sort of like a hobby. Is that sad? I get that from my dad I think.. He hasn't even finished dinner that he's already talking about tomorrow's dinner & what we're having for lunch in 2 days. His mind is occupied by food 97% of the time, he's on a new level. The good thing is my dad doesn't have Pinterest, because from my personal experience, it's the perfect recipe for (awesomeness) no life. Now here's 4 recipes I'd quite like to try have on my plate right now :

1 | My favourite breakfast ever >> Avocado & feta on sourdough bread from What To Cook Tonight.

2 | An easy, healthy lunch >> Roasted carrots with a zingy turmeric broth from The First Mess.

3 | Heavenly burgers (I dare you not to lick your screen) >> Mexican chorizo & shrimp burger from Lady and Pups.

4 | For the chocolate lovers, this is a must (read Beth's beautiful words too, she blows my mind, every single time) >> Rich chocolate lavender cake with a mascarpone early grey german buttercream from Local Milk (repeat this 10 times)