My Recipe for a better day


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Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you burn your piece of toast, lose your keys, you're running late, you miss your bus... everything seems to go against you. So far this week has been an array of those days , so it got me thinking.. how do I turn things around & make my day a better one? No matter how 'bad' things are going I always try and do one or more of the above, if it works for me, maybe it'll work for you... 

+ Listen to your favourite song/album on repeat - sing loudly, shake that booty.

+ Bake some brownies or your favourite treat. Eat them warm, straight out of the pan.

+ Take a break from technology, put your phone down, close your laptop, go outside & take a walk.

+ Get lost in a book with a cup of tea in hand.

+ Go buy yourself a little something, new nail polish, new lipstick, new lingerie... just a small treat that will make you feel special.

+ Have a bubble bath with a few drops of Lavender oil (my favourite) surrounded by candles & maybe a little Jazz 

+ Call your mum/best friend/sister & tell them you love them.

+ Buy a bunch of fresh flowers.

+ Stop worrying/stressing/moaning & notice the little things around you - the beautiful morning light, that cute old couple holding hands, the delicious smell walking by the bakery...

+ Smile.

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