Columbia Rd Flower Market + Campaña

When your week ends with flowers and friends, you're doing something right. 

prosciutto sandwhich

When it ends with a beast of a sandwhich like this one - you're doing better than well my friend. *high five*

street style London Tania Joy

Last weekend (blogging in 'real time' is not my forte.. clearly) I made my way to the flower market to meet Rose for a spot of lunch at Campaña and a colourful bunch of tulips to brighten my week.

Columbia Road was and definitely still is one of my favourite places in London. When I first moved to London I lived not too far away, and discovering this little area made me feel less intimitaded by this huge city, it gave it a nice 'village' feel - which for a country girl like me is a winning point!

prosciutto sandwhich

Now let's go back to THIS piece of heaven. It was as good as it looks, thick cloud-like pieces of bread dripping in delicious olive oil. I could have been in an olive grove in the middle of the Italian countryside for all I know.

columbia road band

The steet bands were singing loud for all to hear (the dog is part of the band)

cafe columbia road london
street style london
street style London Tania Joy

Mimosa (in season) was popping from every corner, so were the tulips. I bought a whole bunch, which I later shared with my sweet Freya who wasn't feeling too well. Flowers are the cure to bad colds, trust me.

red and yellow tulips
columbia road flower market london

One day I'll have a garden, it will be filled with pretty flowers, colours everywhere, secret corners, sculptures disguising elegantly, fountains, old trees, orchards, an overflowing vegetable patch and unicorns pooping rainbows - just kidding. Not but really.

columbia road market

These smell like a gardener's dream.

Have you ever been to the Columbia Road market in London? Are there any other flower markets in Londons...?! (are there???)

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