The London Art Fair

London is the gift that keeps on giving. You can NEVER be bored. There are a million things going on every day, for every taste, every generation... Like a hive, constantly buzzing. How I've missed it!

I love the feeling that there are still hundreds of things on my to-do and to-see lists and that they will most likely never stop.. I've slowly been updating them, the last list, dated 2013, was in need of a fresh start. 

What are your favourite things to do in London? Any cool new places I should know about?! Please tell me! (Maybe I can share your tips in another post..!) 

Saturday could have been spent in bed catching up on shows and cat videos (you know the deal) but instead I spent it filling my brain with art, and discovered some cool people. The London Art Fair unfortunately finished on Sunday but it made me want to explore more galleries and museums. I left the fair feeling so refreshed and inspired for the week to come, the cat videos (although very entertaining) would not have had the same effect I'm sure...