Lunch at Gigi's

My little sister came to visit this weekend. She is currently studying in Dublin for a semester, and I've missed her every single day since she left. Seeing as the both of us don't have any Valentines this year, we decided we would be each other's (valentine - in case you've lost me). So we took ourselves on a little lunch date at Gigi's in Mayfair, that turned into a 2 hour long feast..

 The face of someone hungry and excited to EAT ALL THE FOOD. 

We started by sharing this delicious poached egg which was cooked at 82 degrees (precise! which makes it all soft and buttery) with girolles and grilled parma ham. My tastebuds started to shake with excitement.

As true (wannabe) Italians, we continued our journey with fresh pasta. I obviously had the truffle tagliatelle - obviously it blew my mind. If I could pick one flavor for the rest of my life it would probably be truffle (or chocolate - chocolate truffle?) Lizzie had the lemon and ricotta raviolli. (I'm hungry writting this)


By this point we were almost rolling under the table, content and ready for a nap.. I had the black cod (my newest obsession - I actually had it the night before in sushi form..!) and Lizzie had the steak which between you and me was the winner. I helped Lizzie with it, because I'm nice like that...

Lizzie arrived on Friday with a cold so bad she could barely speak (you know the kind that blocks everything, with caughing fits and all of it) She was a walking germ, so no alcohol for anyone, but instead 'healthy' mocktails.. with a lot of fruit (and other delicious sugary things)

This was the cherry on top, we did our mum proud by ordering all the chocolate desserts. Let me tell you, by then our tastebuds were dancing salsa! Their signature tiramisu was a piece of art. and the chocolate mondrian had that little sugar bubble filled with olive oil which you had to pop onto the savoury ice cream... you guys. We were in chocolate heaven. 

Someone was not sharing...

By the end it was starting to get dark outside - sign of a succesful lunch! We ended up spending most afternoon eating and laughing before rolling ourselves back home, and ended the afternoon in bed with tea and a movie (and no more food until the next day - next level food babies!) 

The BEST (pre-) Valentine's day date I'ver ever been on. Love you Lizzie! Already planning my next visit to Gigi's, because there are so many courses left that I want to try, for example ALL of their pasta and the truffle chicken.. and... AH HELP!

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