Lizards, playsuits & bookshops

White Playsuit - Joy Felicity Jane
White Playsuit - Joy Felicity Jane
Playsuit :  c/o Nana Judy  | Bag : Vintage | Shoes :  similar  or  this  | Jacket : New Look, Asos (sold out)

Playsuit : c/o Nana Judy | Bag : Vintage | Shoes : similar or this | Jacket : New Look, Asos (sold out)

Since coming back from Australia I've been seeking the sun like a desperate lizard. Maybe that's the half brit in me who only cares about the weather, but I will obsessively check the weather app on my iPhone before jumping out of bed. I'll snooze for another 10 minutes if it promises anything wet or grey. Which as you can guess happens most mornings around here. 

I am looking forward to going back home (South of France) next week for a sunny break (all fingers crossed) I haven't been back since January! Life got really busy in the past few months between work, fun adventures in and outside the city, embracing all the great things life has been throwing at me lately. Which I have to blog about.. slowly but surely! 

You'll never guess where I've been all day! My friend called in yesterday asking if I wouldn't mind looking after her bookshop for the day. So here I am in this cute little bookshop... playing shop! Fulfilling all of my wildest childhood shop keeping fantasies. The card machine is REAL you guys, and so far I've sold books to real adults who aren't my parents or my baby sister! It smells like an old library in here, the walls are covered in beautiful books and paintings, I'm tempted to sit down in a corner and read through them all but I have to remember this is a real shop, with real money (no monopoly money or chocolate coins) Someone's walking in.. Speak soon!

| Photos by my darling Rosie from Cider with Rosie |