Date Night at No 11 Pimlico Road

Last Thursday evening I put my heels on, some lipstick and made my way to Pimlico after work to meet Michael for a pre-weekend date. Because we all know that Thursday is the new Friday..(or do we?) We decided to give No 11 Pimlico a go (repeat x10)

We sat in their brightest little corner by the window - I discovered the mirrors of my dreams, aren't they to die for?! Also wooden floors, pops of pink, marble tables, and white wooden chairs = heart eyes and all the butterflies.

We caught up on each other's day, I told him all about my day as a bookshop keeper (remember?!) we started making plans for the weekend and before we knew it two delicious cocktails appeared in front of us. I preferred his (the Plymouth!) so we 'shared', and got another round shortly after. They were all seriously delicious.

We got a selection of starters to share (running theme ha) - those little crostinis were so simple and YUM : Smoked salmon/horseraddish/creme fraiche, courgette/brie(my favourite!!)/lemon and chorizo/avocado salsa. Such a great idea for a dinner party... We also had this delicious smoked salmon and dill pate and the crispiest peppery squid!

Second round (or third who knows..) - they seriously killed it with the cocktails! You know it's a good one when it's full of flavours and the taste of alcohol is on the lower end of the scale but real high on the actual content.. you know what I mean?!

The candles came out, the whole space transformed into a romantic cocoon. The wine was flowing as the mains magically appeared.. lamb and new potatoes for him - roast cod with kale pesto and sticky lentils for me. This time I won the ordering game (it doesn't happen often.. he's pretty good at picking the best things on the menu, but also very good at sharing them ;)

When it comes to ordering I've got two rules : if there's truffle, always truffle. If there's chocolate, always chocolate. It never disapoints. Also if none, cheese is the next best thing. So we ended the feast with a delicious dark chocolate mousse on a brownie base with a salted caramel sauce (HEAVENLY) My view from across the table wasn't too bad.. ;) we laughed, ate more than we should have, drank way too many cocktails and laughed some more. We rolled home only to do it all over again the next day. Because you can never have too many date nights...