Behind The Scenes : In the Hay Fever Fields

As promised after yesterday's post, I had to share with you the whole bunch of photos that weren't so 'professional'. Our house is in the middle of nowhere and quite similar to an animal sanctuary... You can't spend 5 minutes without a fur ball coming to bug you, asking for a scratch, more food or licking your face.

If you're wondering what I'm doing in the last photos... just scratching my horse's favourite spot ya know.. (and here goes an award to the weirdest sentence ever written...) Once you start, he will literally follow you EVERYWHERE begging for another scratch.. they're really bothered by all the flies at this time of the year. Also note that straw hats are actually just a delicious snacks for poneys (he ate a bit of it, no jokes) 

ps: I miss my tan, it's fading at the speed of light.