Getting lost together

After Rosie & Jason's wedding we all spent the weekend in the countryside, we stayed at my grandparent's and Freya & Adam rented an AirBnb literally two fields across from the house without realising - which meant we could meet up for long walks on the Downs and drinks at the local pub with such ease it was rude not to go for a couple of pints post-dinner.

I will remember this weekend for a long time, it was all kinds of perfect. It was the first time Michael met my grandparent's which meant so much to me.. being able to show him around the house where I have so many childhood memories was very special but also one of the strangest experience, mixing two of my favourite worlds. My grandparents adored him of course. 

A couple of weeks ago Freya sent me these beautiful photos, she's just the best, you should see her photographs from Pakistan. She amazes me. We don't look like it here but at that point we were just a little lost, after a 2 hour walk with no phone reception (shock! horror! I know..) we just wondered around the wheat fields hoping to find our way back to the main road - which we did eventually.

Turns out getting lost with great friends is actually good fun, especially if you have a Lizzie around who cracks up jokes every 5 seconds. That girl. I will say it over and over again, she is the funniest person I know.. it was her birthday last week which I couldn't spend with her sadly. I am flying home next week with a bag full of presents to make up for it, but I digress..

To more adventures and getting lost together!

| Photographs by Freya from Nishaantishu |

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