Rosie's Wedding | Part 1

Joy Felicity Jane - Asos Dress
Joy Felicity Jane - Asos Dress

If you didn't know of my best friends got MARRIED!!! Rosie and Jason are now M A R R I E D - *deep breath* - I still can't beleive it really happened. The whole day was like a dream! There were a lot of tears (Freya and I bawled our eyes out during the entire ceremony), a whole lot of laughing, dancing and stuffing our faces (they ended the night with s'mores AND burgers..! genius). Rosie was so beautiful, she had kept her dress a secret from us and it did not disapoint!! (apologies for the over use of exclamation points, I feel like there is a time and place for them and Rosie's wedding deserves ALL of the !!!!!!!!) 

My little sister Lizzie flew over for the wedding, she got on like house on fire with Rosie's sister Francesca, which makes me so very happy. Lizzie is actually the one who took all of those photos while I was busy being emotional.. I will be sharing more of the day with photos from my phone very soon (there's a whole lot of them) Michael joined us after the ceremony and saved Adam (Freya's husband) from too much girl chat and way too much Taylor Swift (does such thing exist?) We had such a wonderful time, I just wish we could go back in time and do it all over again. 

| For those who've asked my dress is from Asos find it over here |

ps: Rosie posted a tiny sneak peek of the day on her blog... I mean just look at them!!!!!!