Autumn Uniform

The leaves are slowly turning to amber, mornings are getting crisper every day, the coats and knits are making shy appearances between warm rays of sunshine... I say this at the beginning of every season, but Autumn is my favourite. The lead up to Christmas full of excitement (no matter how old I am), the chill in the air that doesn't freeze your face off just yet, the multiple excuses of having hot drinks several times a day, mostly of the pumpkin spice category.

Muesli & Raspberry bowl | Joy Felicity Jane
Tomato Soup | Joy Felicity Jane
Labradoodle | Joy Felicity Jane
Joy Felicity Jane
Joy Felicity Jane

Lately I have been spending a lot of time in Hackney, hanging out with Freya (who took these photos of me!), going to Broadway market on Saturday, visiting Violet for tea & cake whenever I can, or the cute little Wilton Way cafe for their dreamy bacon bap (not pictured) or their delicious bircher berry muesli. Last weekend we ventured in the world of bread making, we succeeded with a delicious soda bread and Freya made me her warming roasted tomato soup!

The beauty of crisper days is the endless possibilities of layering up like an onion, the more layers the better. Mixing patterns, textures, lengths.. while sipping on hot chocolate.

One thing that I know for sure is that suddenly it becomes much easier to wear almost the same thing every day with no one noticing. My usual uniform is a pair of skinny jeans - black or blue, a pair of trusty converse or leather boots, a nice loose men's shirt or comfortable cashmere jumper (even better if you steal it from your boyfriend/husband/man friend) and a variation of coats/leather jacket. Rotate every day, no one will ever know!

The newest addition to my uniform has to be this cool new bag! It fits my laptop perfectly, has a lot of pockets for the million different things I usually carry around and is the perfect accessory to any coats. I never really saw myself as a 'backpack' kinda girl, but you know what? I absolutely love it, it means two free hands, no back pain from carrying it awkwardly on one shoulder.. Already eyeing a few others from Radley..especially the Clerckenwell and the Southbank!

A few of my favourite autumn uniform picks at the moment...! (turn off Ad-blocker to see the widget!)

- Photos by Freya Downson

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