Giveaway (Closed) | Print your favourite snaps!

I've been taking photos for about 10 years now, more so in the past 5 years, but I never, ever see my photos printed on paper.. Last time I went home, me and my boyfriend looked through the family albums (always hilarious..especially naked baby photos) Mum used to make one each season at least! I missed being able to look through memories, actually holding a photograph, being able to hang them around the house or journal them into pretty notebooks...

Cheerz kindly got in touch to offer 3 of you the chance to win a Cheerz box to print 30 of your favourite photos! 

I've loved being able to hang mine all around my new flat, I've printed a few from Australia and Bali, a few from last summer, way too many of my sister and not enough of me and my love ;) it has definitely made me want to start printing my favourite shots more often!

To enter, head over to my Instagram @taniajoyfjane to see the rules! Good luck :) x

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