Road Trip to Cornwall | Part II

I loved Cornwall so much that I haven't stopped talking about since we came back... Turns out last weekend we ended up going to our friend's house in Somerset (I first thought it was in Devon.. who knows) which is basically almost all the way back to Cornwall! I love that part of the country, I feel so silly that I waited this long to go and visit...

My second favourite beach after Pedn Vounder was Kynance Cove. We drove there on the sunniest day we had all weekend. The walk down to the beach is stunning, the view is just mind-blowing! All of the amazing beaches I've mentioned so far are all on Natural Trust sites, which is all great but bear in mind that you have to pay £5 every time you want to park (unless you're a member!) but all worth it for this view : 

The cafe at Kynance cove is really good, we both had delicious fresh smoothies and very good sandwiches in toasted baguettes (M had the crab one and I had the melted brie and cranberry sauce one!) We skipped breakfast that morning so we could have eaten anything at this point, but still, it was exactly what we needed.

The next day it was already time to leave the South Coast and drive up to a little village called Lostwithiel further north. Before getting there we stopped at this tiny little village called Durgan for a quick dip in the Helford passage. My friend recommended it and it was perfect, the water was much warmer than the open ocean, and the little bay below the village was so quiet and beautiful. I really recommend it if you're in the area! After a refreshing swim we jumped into warm sweaters, grabbed a cup of tea for the road and continued to make our way to good ol' Lostwithiel. 

We rented another Airbnb there and stayed with this amazing couple who made our stay that much better..! Huge fluffy bed, great conversations and homemade bread in the morning, we couldn't have asked for better. It was like visiting our grandparents for the weekend!

The next day we ventured to Polzeath where we had a lovely lunch at the Surfside Beach Shop - which reminded me of any hipster cafe in Sydney (minus the heat and the vegemite)! I highly recommend their mac n' cheese and lobster rolls.

We had a lovely lunch and then cuddled up in their huge bean bags at the front of the restaurant, hiding from the wind, and wondering how the hundreds of people on the beach sat there for hours on end in their jumpers behind their windshields.. it was just so funny to see.

Most of my beach experiences growing up were in the south of France where it's always so hot you wouldn't dream of bringing any jumpers or a wetsuit! I loved how incredibly British the whole set up was. They were all so much braver than us, braving the elements, surfing and splashing about in the icy waves. We cuddled up in our sweaters hugging our cups of coffee before deciding it was probably time for another snack...

In the evening we drove down to this little seaside town called Fowey and watched the sunset by the water before filling up bags with fudge (especially the sea salt one!) to take back home with us, some made it to friends and family, most didn't... it's a long drive back to London!

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