Moving South of the River

The time has come to move AGAIN! I feel like it was just yesterday that I moved out of my flat in Shoreditch to move south temporarily and then into the flat I'm into now..! Are you following?! 3 moves in the space of 3 months. I assumed I would be staying in this flat for at least a year, but circumstances change, and here I am again - cardboard boxes coming out of my ears. Literally!

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It took a few months for me to stop stressing out about finding a new place and once I did, something came up and it was just perfect! Turns out M's cousin is off traveling for a whole year, and needed someone to take over his flat in Peckham. It's a lovely little flat in a Victorian house on a leafy quiet street, with wooden floors and the charm of a country cottage. I can't wait to show you around!

I was lucky to have my friend Maja around who was also looking for a flat at the same time as me - she was as excited as I was about this flat so she took the second room. We're both so excited about living together, we also both love a bit of a project, and as great as this place is, it's an old house that needs a bit of loving, we're already planning a bunch of DIYs and have an extended list of things we'd like to buy to spruce up the place!

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I've been obsessively pinning and scrolling the internet for ideas and inspiration! I really need somewhere to hang clothes in my room, so I was thinking of doing this awesome copper clothes rack DIY.

I was also thinking of creating a gallery wall like this, either in my bedroom or the living room, with this cool black and white tree ring print, this cool quote that I love (again black and white!) mixed with some of my photographs and little art pieces.

One thing I'm most looking forward to is rearranging the kitchen! We're thinking of putting a rug in the centre to add a bit of cosiness to it, and avoid chilly feet on the cold tiles in winter..

We have a lot of shelving going on so we want to add a lot of green plants (advice as to which indoor plants to get is welcome!!) I want to get these amazing himalayan salt glass to put on display, and these pots for herbs and cute plants on our kitchen window! (by the way, Uncommon Goods have a ton of cool and quirky pieces for housewarming gifts, or just treats to yourself, I got a ton of ideas from them!) 

The goal is cosy, lots of neutrals, green plants, a lot of white to brighten up the place, lots of rugs, candles (we have a fireplace!!), tons of pillows and throws, and ceramics everywhere.

I seriously can't wait to show you around once I've properly moved in and we've made it all cosy! You should follow our hashtag #ourlondoncottage for more photos in the next few weeks! (so far it's only Maja's, as she's already moved in)

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