Lizzie & Théo


Since I've gone freelance I've been attracted to photographing more people. I've always been more of a lifestyle photographer, simple every day moments and scenes, food, interiors and travel, but I've never focused on photographing people and particularly people in love.

The idea of being able to tell someone else's story, with images draws me in. Despite living in this overly documented world, I feel like most people and particularly couples, don't have beautiful photos of themselves to look back on when they grow old.

Whether it's the little things you do together or more special occasions. I know for a fact that Michael and I don't have that many photos of us together! We have tons of me (haha) and him but most of the time.. well one of us has to take the photo!

All of this to say that I'd like to tell more love stories. I love LOVE, and it gives me butterfly to be able to give those memories to someone. In this instance, my beautiful sister Lizzie and her amazing boyfriend Théo...

These two have been together for 2 years, it was actually their anniversary a few weeks ago, and Lizzie wanted some shots of them together to look back on.

Such a beautiful thoughtful gift to give to someone!! I think all couples (and families) should have at least a yearly photo together, how amazing would that be 20 years down the line?!