Made of Dough, Peckham


When a pizza place opens up literally on your door step, you RUN to it with open arms, and kind of hope that the pizza is not that great because this could mean bankruptcy and/or obesity, but you run anyway..


I first found out about these guys when visiting Broadway market - they made pizza out of a Landrover - you heard me, they have a pizza oven at the back of their Landrover.. if that's not a dream car then what is!


We decided to go on opening weekend when everything was 50% off, which was way too exciting - we ordered half the menu (mostly in cocktail form)


They even have a Shiva barman - cocktails coming at you real fast!


The cavalero nero salad is a must - actually delicious eaten on top of your pizza!


They were really cool and accommodating about making the pizzas vegan by taking out the cheese, and OH MY THEY WERE GOOD! That sourdough is everything.

PS: I have yet to discover a pizza place in London that serves really nice nut cheese as an option to veganise your pizza - do you know any?!


No nut cheese - but a mind-blowing dairy free peanut butter shake!!! I have to stop myself every single day, to not go in and buy one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


If you're ever in Peckham, try these guys out! They're open every day, and they also have a £5 Margherita for lunch on week days... Oh and that shake, go for the shake - it's not called the Motherf***ing Peanut Butter & Vanilla for nothing!