Sushi in Toulouse


My sister Lizzie lives in Toulouse with her lovely boyfriend Théo. A year ago they moved into this sweet little apartment in old town Toulouse. It has exposed brick, a marble fireplace and is located on the cutest little street near the botanical gardens. The dream!

One night when we were dropping off Freya & Adam (who came to stay with us on our trip to France a month ago), we decided to go from the airport straight into town for some sushi and a beer.

Toulouse is such a beautiful city. Every time I go I think to myself 'I could live here'. It's vibrant, beautiful, well connected, fun, and close to so many of my favourite places in the South of France.

Lizzie moved there to go to university after school, and she never looked back and I totally understand why!
Look at these lovebirds! It was such an impromptu evening, in the warm summer air eating veggie sushi by the handful.

I've found that when travelling sushi is the perfect go to meal. Most airports will have veggie sushi, and most places around the world if you're in a big-ish town.. would have a place that serves sushi! They're best freshly made of course, and more often than not I now see them in big supermarkets where they have these sushi stands. Very handy indeed.

Avocado and cucumber rolls are a must, and if they have crispy onions, always have the crispy onions! and wasabi!

This place was called Sushi Yoshi on rue d'Alsace Lorraine - find their website here.

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