Our New Bedroom


Oh you guys, I can't thank you enough for all the lovely comments you left me on my last post, sounds like we all agree on one thing : we need more personal posts, with some honest thoughts, some raw moments, we need to be more ourselves, because well, there's only one of each of us!

With this blogging break I took over the past year, I can't really remember if I ever updated you on our new flat?! We moved in last December. On the 1st of December to be precise, after months and months of delays and waiting patiently for it to be finished. Because of that, last year was a roller-coaster of emotions, buying/moving house is NO joke! I heard a lot of people say that emotionally speaking, moving house is more stressful than a divorce (which I'm not sure how much of that is true..) but I now feel like we can do anything haha!

One other thing everyone told us was.. "you'll see it will be all a blur once you've moved in" and I'd always be like.. "yeah RIGHT" but it's so true...we couldn't be any happier and all the stresses and worries have (almost) all vanished. We absolutely love Hackney, our neighbourhood is just the best and I cannot wait to show you around!

After 3 and a half months of living here, things are starting to shape up a bit, but we still haven't hung any pictures, we're still on the hunt for some curtains/blinds (thank god for sleep masks..!!) and there are still a few boxes, hiding in corners, and there's a bunch of little bits and bobs we'd like to add, but it's a project, which takes time. I would rather do it slowly and get pieces we truly love than rush because we NEED everything right this second. 

This is the chapter we've enjoyed the most, the post-moving in, decorating chapter that is. This is just a peek, as there's more to be done, like actually hanging that picture on my dresser, and getting a linen headboard, and maybe some new bedside lights.. (and don't be fooled, the drawers are full, and i'm hiding all the mess in the wardrobe out of sight on the right haha) we love how serene and peaceful the bedroom actually is. Sunlight floods in every afternoon, which makes my heart so happy!

For the curious : 

our bed is from Ikea - this was actually a rushed purchase, as our first choice after weeks of waiting was never delivered, and we needed a bed! Despite the rushed decision we absolutely love it! It's a platform bed with 3 deep drawers on each side, and a little bit of space underneath the mattress between the drawers, which has actually been the best surprise as we definitely need extra storage for things like suitcases that you don't want to have hanging around!

- the desk of drawers was a hand me down from M's parents a few years back and it's one of our favourite pieces of furniture!

- the print is by my talented aunt, and the dream catcher/weave behind the print (will definitely show you once we hang it!) is by my talented mum

- the candle on the chest of drawers is from Earl of East, local candle makers who we adore! They have an amazing shop nearby as well, with a lot of local pieces, ceramics, cushions, jewellery.. One of my favourite places to pick up a unique gift! The one on my bedside table is the Lavender & Bergamot travel candle from Plum & Ashby, it's seriously my favourite candle ever and I light it most nights when I read my book.

- the sheets are from Christy, it's the "Mode Oyster" set in Egyptian cotton, it's seriously the nicest set of sheets we own, they're SO soft. 

- our plant is a Peperonia Pol Raindrop and we got it from my new favourite plant shop called "Conservatory Archives" - it's worth a visit, I could have spent hours in there looking at all their different plants!

I cannot wait to show you more of the house once it's a little bit more put together! We're getting our bedrooms curtains fitted in the next couple of weeks, and I couldn't be more excited! Finally a dark bedroom to sleep in..!

I hope you all have a dreamy weekend! It's Michael's birthday tomorrow, so we have many activities and fun plans to look forward to over the weekend. I promised him he could get a full weekend of celebrations like I got a couple of weeks ago.. because it's only fair right?! ;)

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