Easy Hummus Recipe (M's Secret Recipe!)


Oh this hummus, it’s very special! It’s Michael’s signature dish…

I’ve been asked about this hummus more times than I can count..! I’ve had countless family members asking for the recipe after they had tried it, I’ve had friends of family who randomly got in touch asking about THE FAMOUS HUMMUS.. and then you guys!

I’ve posted about M’s hummus so many times on my Story on Instagram, it’s only fair that I actually post a proper recipe for it, spilling all of M’s secrets… (he was reticent at first.. but I convinced him, so you’re welcome…!)

Easy Hummus Recipe | Joy Felicity Jane

Ingredients :

  • 2 cans of good quality chickpeas OR (ideally) 2 cups of home cooked chickpeas (cooked with a bay leaf, half an onion and some peppercorns in the cooking water)

  • 1 medium/small lemon juice (if you have a large lemon just start with 1/2 first and then add more in if needed at the end)

  • 1 lime juice

  • 3 teaspoons of cumin

  • 2 heaped tablespoons of good quality tahini (the runny and creamy kind!)

  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic

  • 3 or 4 tablespoons of cold water

  • a drizzle of virgin olive oil

  • salt (normally two big pinches of Maldon salt) & pepper to taste

  • optional : za’atar, sumac, harissa, paprika… spice it up however you want!

Easy Hummus Recipe | Joy Felicity Jane

Method :

  • Place your drained and rinsed canned chickpeas or your home-cooked chickpeas without the cooking liquid into a food processor (you can also make this in a blender, but I like it better in our old food processor, it gives it more bite!)

  • Add in your tahini, lemon + lime juice, cumin, garlic, salt & pepper, and the cold water (start with 3 tbsp and you can always add more as you blend to get the blades moving!)

  • Start blending until it start going creamy - at this point if it looks a bit too dry, add more water, little by little - the water is the secret! A lot of people make hummus with just olive oil and tahini and it’s never as creamy as you’d expect… and that’s because you’re missing water! Ice cold water is best, it helps emulsify everything much better!

  • Then at this point while you’re still blending add a little drizzle of olive oil, this will also help the hummus to get creamier! It’s optional but it does make it! Make sure you’re drizzling it in while you’re blending!

  • Once it’s all creamy, stop blending, do a taste test! Add more salt & pepper to your taste, or any other spices if you want! or just keep it simple. If you’ve added just half of the lemon then at this point add more if it needs more acidity.

  • Scoop the hummus in a lovely pot, create a ‘swirl’ with the back of a spoon, and drizzle some olive oil on top and a sprinkle of paprika to make it pop!

  • This will save in the fridge for up to 5 days in a sealed container - the older the hummus is the drier it gets.. so keep that in mind. Keeping it airtight helps! (but I dare you to keep this longer than 48hours)

The key points for a delicious hummus is : the acidity level from the lemon & lime juice, the creaminess thanks to the cold water and olive oil added while blending, and the salt level! A good hummus is decadent, fatty, creamy and salty!

Using high quality ingredients also makes a huge difference! Ideally I like to get those pricey chickpeas in a glass jar, or cook my own from dried.. that’s where you can pack a TON of flavour, which you will never get from a can. But don’t get me wrong, I make hummus from canned chickpeas all the time, and that’s perfectly fine!

I hope you love this as much as we do!! Pass it on, make it for your friends and family, bring it to potlucks and family dinners, you’ll soon be their favourite person. (make sure to share my recipe to your favourite humans too!)