5 thoughts and Hot Chocolate.

Picture from Gabby's Gluten Free.
1. It is so cold it could snow. Yes SNOW! This is so exciting. Seeing that I am missing my skiing holiday because I can't renew my passport on time... Well I can improvise my own ski trip. Ha. Down the hill on campus?
2. Cold weather means I can drink hot chocolate every 2 hours without people judging me. (Ok maybe not every 2 hours. 2 and a half?)
3.  First step class today. Well I'm not as bad as I anticipated. I definitely burned all the hot chocolates. One more excuse...Hot chocolate anyone?
4. Set my alarm for 7 tomorrow morning. Just the thought of it makes me want to nap, and I haven't even gone to bed yet. I don't very much like mondays, or tuesdays to be honest.
5. Why do people think sleeping in the library is a good idea? I mean silent computer room. Snoring, pretty sure drooling-on-desk kinda sleep. WHY?

Because I'm real nice, and well, super obsessed with hot chocolate (you would have never guessed right..?) here are a few recipes I found :

* Salted Vegan mexican Hot Chocolate from Gabby's Gluten Free (I'm not a vegan, but the pictures look yummy)
*Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls from Mel's Kitchen Cafe (Found this recipe on Pinterest and I cannot wait to try it!)
* Delicious Hot Chocolate from The Pioneer Woman (Tried and approved. I'm in love with her blog. She is amazing... kinda want her life and her cooking skills.)