Cross Country Skiing or How to get a bruised bum

We spent my last day in France on the slopes. It was such a beautiful day, could not have been better. We went with some family friends, and had a picnic on top of a mountain. I even got a sunburn! Yes you read that right, a sunburn in JANUARY. My mum actually resembles a lobster right at this moment in time.

Lizzie (Elisa) having a chocolate break. Looking cute on the slopes

We also all have bruised bums, because the snow was slightly too hard (after melting and freezing again so much). Apart from a few incidents (at one point I lost my dad, couldn't see him behind me, then I suddenly saw this green 'thing' moving in a ditch. yes... my dad's backpack. he actually fell in a ditch. flat on his face. He's normally a good skier...) 


We don't normally go cross-country skiing, but alpine skiing. which is very different, we haven't practised in a while! But it was a lot of fun, so many laughs. Definitely the perfect way to end my holidays! 

Mum, Elisa and myself. (Yes Fashion and skiing don't mix very well...)

Now onto packing then bye bye France Hello England!

Ps: Excuse the lack and quality of pictures. I forgot my camera (being organised is supposed to be one of my resolutions. great start). So we used my friend's Iphone instead...