Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-That boy sleeping next to me in the library computer room - silent area. Making weird noises. First I thought OK.. he's snoring, but it didn't take me long to realise this was not classic snoring. What the heck are those noises?! Go back to bed darling.
- My phone's battery dying in the middle of the night. Alarm doesn't come on. I sleep all morning, missing my Skills of Argument seminar. The seminar I've been looking forward to, since last week, because the teacher is amazingly good. Note to self: buy batteries for an actual alarm clock.
- Walking around my bedroom well... half naked. You know. I'm sure everyone does that. Right? Yeah well, with my curtains wide open. I never really worry about it, until this morning where I was near the window topless (as you do) to discover my next door neighbour down there, in his garden. Now. did he see me? I don't know. I don't think I want to know. Never ran so fast away from the window...
- Eating a whole pack of salt and pepper pistachios in one go. Man I love pistachios. Not sure how many calories I ingested at once. maybe I don't want to know.
- My bank account. That's just awkward all around.
- My outfit post. Taking pictures for the outfit post. Actually posting it. Can't think of anything more awkward. not even the boobs/window moment.

- 2 men holding a door for me in the library. Somehow flattering.
-Doing research on what I could possibly be doing next year when I take a year out. And what degree I could do next. I'm so excited. Like SUPER excited.
- My sister taking pictures of my horse and sending them to me to cheer me up. I love that girl. And that cuddly poney.
- Skyping with my parents always around dinner time, which ends up in me getting a personal cookery class. So far Shorba (Algerian soup) by my dad, and tuna bread by my mum. I should probably take notes next time.
- Having the next 4 days to myself. free of classes. This term i got lucky and only have mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays at university. The rest of the week is all MINE. Well and homework. But also plenty of naps, films and baking.