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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

The state of the house at this very moment...
- People who think that it is ok to wear practically no clothes when the temperature is below freezing. I mean come on girl, you're wearing a tiny skirt that barely covers your arse (excuse my french), with no tights, you need to go put some clothes on. I'm freezing, and I'm wearing 4 layers, a coat, jeans, boots, gloves and a hat. Come on!
- Attending a seminar for which I haven't done the work, or read the book. A 2 HOURS seminar, yes. Actually talking about that book I haven't read, and having opinions on it. Sometimes I wonder how I do it. Bullsh**** to new levels.
- Finishing assignments the night before they are due. When will I learn? (better organization was in my top 5 new resolutions this year. yep...I guess i can do better)
- Walking anywhere at the moment is awkward. I basically look like Bambi most times (you know the part where he walks on ice...just in case you think I actually walk like that in normal circomstances) 
- The salt they use to de-ice the roads, ruins my leather boots.
-The state of the house right now. Birthday banners on the walls, balloons and confettis all over the floor, washing up that hasn't been done... the list is very looooong.

- Organizing my friend's 21st birthday. Baking and cooking for a a bunch of people. Decorating and preparing everything. I loved it! (although very stressful!!)
- The party last night. It was a success, and I'm happy because my friend is happy. Everyone is happy!
- HALF TERM BREAK!!!!!! Yes yes yes. A week and a half of FREE time. This is just too good to be true. I am lucky to only have classes at the beginning of the week, so it feels like I have a longer break!
- Going to London this weekend for my little cousin's birthday brunch. She is turning 14!! In my head she is still 4 though..
- Being in the Alps, in a chalet, with my family, enjoying a hot chocolate after a day of skiing. OH WAIT NO. I'M STILL IN ENGLAND, IN MY BED, BY MYSELF. (that's definitely awkward. being sarcastic. because this is ridiculous....)

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Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes.

Blog has a new style, while I'm in bed organizing a 21st birthday party.