Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-Realising after all these weeks, that the sound of 'rain' I could hear early in the morning is actually.. my fridge. In the past few weeks I could hear something like the sound of raindrops on the roof, and always felt a bit sad/depressed that it was once again raining that day, and so surprised when I actually got out of bed, openned the curtains and it was not only NOT raining, but actually sunny. 
- Meaning to go to the gym, everyday this week, and always finding a silly excuse. aka rain, too late, too early, just had a shower... list goes on.
- Spending a good 20 minutes looking for a room where my Skills of Argument class takes place (it changed again). Ending up being 20 minutes late, not actually finding the room and deciding that I'd better go to the library instead.
- Getting addicted to this game on my itouch called 'Smurfs village'. I know shame on me. I'm nearly 21 and shouldn't really be spending my spare time cropping carrots in a virtual village occupied by little blue creatures. I blame it on my friend Ellen, she introduced it to me, she has it on her ipad and was always talking about the fact that it was time to crop her peas and tomatoes. yes oh m g .
- My sleeping pattern at the moment. it's ridiculous. I always feel tired rather early, around 7/8 pm, and decide to fight it, and end up not being able to sleep until 1 in the morning. that's one cranky Tania in the morning. need to sort. it. out.

THIS post on this irresistible blog I discovered yesterday called Happy Brittany . She sees life in a wonderful way, and has so many advice to better yourself and live a happy and simple life. Not to mention she is super clever and absolutely stunning ( she was Miss new Mexico USA 2011). I have now created my stackable resolutions for 2012. 2 months into it. but hey it's never too late!
- 5 days away from seeing my dad in London, coming for the concert. I'm a little homesick at the moment.. so I am very excited!
- A month away from Easter Break!!!!!! (4 little weeks!!! yes yes yes!) Flight back to France is already booked !
- My parents are going to buy a PUPPY! They are visiting this adorable brown labrador puppy tomorrow!! I hope they like him and that he becomes part of the family. (knowing my mum and sister, there is no way they won't like him. they already have names for him...)
- Feeling a lot healthier not eating bread! I eat a lot more veggies than I would if I didn't give up bread for Lent. I had porridge for breakfast, a rocket salad with hazelnuts, almonds, tomatoes and blue cheese for lunch, fishcakes and more salad for dinner. I sipped on green tea all day, and I feel GOOD.
- Planning a familly holiday. To either Sicily or Spain during Easter Break. Sun!!!