A Banana Pancakes Kind of Day

This morning was pure bliss. Stayed in bed until 10:30, came down to the kitchen and made these.

Image source: How Sweet It is
And let me tell you one thing. It was like having cake but for breakfast. I mean what else could you ask for?
They taste absolutely fantastic. I had mine with butter, and Golden Syrup. But if you check the recipe you can make a Vanilla Maple Glaze to go with it...Go check it out on the lovely blog called How Sweet It is. And make them tomorrow morning. You can thank me later. Or actually thank Jessica for her wonderful recipe.

I had this salad for lunch last tuesday before I had to stop eating bread, and I just wish I could have it again. But I can't eat bread anymore, and I have no prawns left in my freezer. So I guess it'll be for another day...
It was so yummy, I cooked the prawns in garlic and butter, made a salad with rocket and iceberg lettuce, almonds, hazelnuts, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Had the prawns on top, with this amazing bread, and blue cheese. 

The sun is finally showing it's lovely face since yesterday, and it now feels like spring is finally arriving! I want  to wear dresses, and take my boots and winter coat off, I want to buy tons of flowers and feel warm again, after months of grey and cold.

I went to M&S yesterday, and wanted to buy all their flowers! aren't they beautiful? They make me happy.
I'm now off to the gym for a swim, I need to work this body before it has to get rid of all the winter layers, and walk around in a bikini. I hope you have a nice day!
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