The Day We had lunch with elephants

So a lot happened since we last time. As you might have known my mum came to visit me from France and arrived last thursday! It was my birthday last sunday, so the weekend was filled with a lot of love and celebrations. My friends surprised me by inviting my cousin Melonie! Me and my mum went for afternoon tea with one of my friends, and there she was! As if that wasn't enough, I got surprised AGAIN, with a birthday party on saturday night, where all my friends surprised me, surrounded by cupcakes, sweets and balloons, in this lovely bar where we were suppose to ''have a few quiet drinks''.
Let me tell you, the whole weekend was filled with emotion!
Where does this leave us... Oh yes. Saturday! We decided to spend the day at this Wild Animal Park seeing as it was so warm and sunny! We saw a lot of monkeys, some chilling, some hanging, some eating. We saw all sorts of bums, wrinkly ones and furry ones. We had lunch with an elephant family, they were good hosts. We had some pizza... And yes I might have broken my Breadless Lent. But hey it was my birthday weekend!!! We snapped one picture of us three, my camera standing on a bin. (ignore my eatingpizza face...)
I will show you a few snaps from the party and my special day very soon, my friend took pictures but I still haven't seen them! So make sure you pop by in the next couple of days...
I hope you had the most wonderful weekend because I sure have!