Inspiration of the Moment

This beautiful advert for Vanessa Bruno, starring Kate Bosworth. Absolutely stunning! I love everything about it.

This dress from Luisa Beccaria's Spring collection.

Dorothee Schumacher's house, you can see it here . Beautiful, I want her closet, and the animal house outside! They all live together, it is truly adorable.

Anything white. 

All Pastels. It's like they are attracted to me. That's all I want. Pastels.

Bohemian/Surfer hair. (read long, wavy, messy). GROW HAIR. GROW!!

SUMMER. I'm longing for long summer nights, for refreshing swims, scuba diving, jumping in the waterfalls, being tanned and wearing white. I want that Victoria Secret bikini. And that body for that matter. So summer hurry up!

What inspires you at the moment?

( Ps: All pictures taken from my Pinterest boards. )