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This is what I'm missing...

I am missing lovely sunsets while walking the dogs.
I am missing Hector growing up.
Elisa growing up.
My dad's cooking.
My mum's hugs.
My double bed.
The nice weather.
I am missing family dinners.
Giggling away with my sister.
Sleep overs with Elisa.
My french friends.
French food.
BREAD, I miss a nice baguette, like a LOT.
Morning swims.
Saturday mornings at the farmer's market.
I miss doing silly things with Elisa.
Horse Ridding.
I miss my horse, Hugo.
And my 3 cuddly cats, Berlioz, Gypsy and Billy.
I miss my house.

But all of this doesn't matter much, because I'm flying back in 12 sleeps. 
12 sleeps until we are all reunited.

*Picture taken by my sister Elisa.

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