Exam routine

This is the proof I've been getting up early every morning this week. I love the beautiful morning light. I sometimes forget how much I love it... probably because I rarely wake up at 7 nowadays. But from now on (read until the 21st of May) I will:

-Wake up at 7.
- Eat a healthy breakfast.
- Get ready to go to the Library.
-Spend the day in the Library.
- Have a healthy lunch break. ( prepared at home beforehand. not bought on campus.)
- Some more library.
- Gym.
- Dinner. 
- Early bedtime.

I know you don't care about my exam routine.. but I just need to write it somewhere to make it more real. Otherwise I just pretend this whole thing is just a joke. 
24 days of stress and boring revisions. 
I haven't packed yet, for rainy england. It will be done in a flash. For now I'm off to have a relaxing bath and watch some stupid tv shows with my little sister.