Happy Easter Weekend

  Today was one of those crazy weather days. I was sunbathing in the morning, running inside to avoid a hail storm after lunch, and watching the rain fall all afternoon. Spring at its best. 
   I had lunch with my grandmother today, we had buckwheat savoury crepes and sparkly orange juice. It was yummy, and so nice to see her after so long. 
  That top picture was my lunch yesterday. I don't think there is anything better than avocado, bread, cheese and ham for a nice simple lunch. Especially if you toast the whole thing.
  That tiny creature is a mole. We saved her yesterday from Berlioz (the cat). She was so panicked poor thing. We made sure to take her as far away from the front garden as we could (her sisters already had a party of their own around the swimming pool), then we watched her dig back into the ground. 
 The rest of the pictures were taken this afternoon when I was sitting by my window smelling and listening to the rain.  I just looooove the raindrops on the branches. They look like little drops of silver.
  I'm packing for Sicily. We are leaving early in the morning. I will be away for 10 days on a sun, pasta, and pizza holiday. Have a lovely weekend filled with love and chocolate!