I'm in France and this is in England

I have been avoiding my computer for a couple of days now. Being at home is my kind of rehab from everything, and technology in particular. It is my way to let go of everything, for a while. I'm letting go so much, my brain switches off and I become some sort of vegetable. It is only a phase, and I will switch it back on, don't you worry. But god it feels good to go to bed without having to wake up at any given time, to have food cooked for you, to be able to just sit in the sun reading a book if that's all you want to do all day. 
Sadly I am going to have to switch the brain 'on' pretty soon as I still have an essay to finish by next thursday, and a LOT of revisions to start. But what a perfect place to do work and revise. It is beautiful here, the temperatures are so warm, I sleep with the window open, yes you read that right - OPEN. What kind of march is this one?
I have so much to share, and many pictures to take. The puppy is seriously the cutest thing alive. We spend our days running around in the fields, rolling in the grass and playing with the ball, or the cats for that matter.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Because I sure am. It's not a wild one, it is actually very calm indeed, but that's all I have been wishing for. My 16 year old sister is at a party, and I'm staying in cooking dinner for my parents, watching tv and cuddling with Hector. Times have changed people.

Ps: if you are wondering what the heck are those pictures, well I took them back in Kent, just before I left. The sunsets were too beautiful not to photograph, and the daffodils were everywhere!!