Stackable resolutions

A few months ago I came across Britanny's blog. I can tell you right now that it is the kind of blog you cannot stop reading, you start with the few recent articles, and then kind of decide that you want more and start from the beginning. Stalker? Me? what? Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one to do that sometimes... right?
The point is, she is not only a beauty queen, she is incredibly clever and writes beautifully. She also has those amazing ideas about making life a little better, a little brighter. 

She wrote this article about the way she takes new year's resolutions. She calls it the ''Stackable Resolutions''. Basically the technique is to focus on a new skill and/or an area of growth each month. If you are anything like me, you make a long list of resolutions on January the 1st, and forget about them by January the 4th. 

You might be thinking, why the hell is she blogging about new years resolutions in APRIL?! (we're talking about myself here, in case you get confused) Well my friends it is never too late to make a change, to decide to better yourself, and start fresh. I personally started mine late February. I think when it comes to resolutions there should be no rules of 'when to start'. And is there a better excuse than Spring to start fresh? I don't think so... 

Going back to the technique, each month you concentrate on those objectives you've set yourself, the aim is to master them one after the other before starting a new one. By the end of the month you'll master all of them, but you don't just forget about them, no instead you'll maintain the resolutions from the previous month(s), while moving onto the next ones.

Britanny's way of doing it, is to concentrate each month on an area of focus, for example Healthy Habits, Create Order, or being Happy. That way her energy is focused into one place and she can make the changes she has been waiting for.

I have based mine on her areas of focus (because I was a little lazy when I did it, but feel free to make up your own!), and of course replaced the individual resolutions for each month. It seemed hard to write so many in one go, but you quickly realise that it is actually so simple and fun. The resolutions you set yourself don't have to always be big ones, write simple objectives, and make them work together. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Make it fun!

I have been so happy with it. It actually works. Every month I put my new list of resolutions some place where I can't miss them. So far so good.

We are starting a new month, so go on! Grab a notebook, a pen and start writing. You'll be surprised at  the changes you can make and how good you are with them.

I now floss my teeth daily people. That clearly proves a point. If I can do it, you can too!

Ps: Now run to Britanny's BLOG . NOW.