Sunny English Beach

I came across these while deleting pictures off my camera, and realised I completely forgot about them. Just before I left to France, me and Alice, my housemate, decided that the weather was way too good to stay in the house, so we grabbed our handbags and jumped on the first bus to the beach. We walked though the pier, bought a fresh juice from the smoothie shop and some old school sweets from... guess where?? duh. the sweet shop. That juice was heaven. It was called a Mojito. Although non alcoholic, made with apple juice, lime and mint. It smelt like summer and tasted like heaven. While taking the sun in, we wrote a 'Canterbury Bucket List' - including all the things we want to do before we graduate. It makes me a little sad thinking about leaving my University life. But sooner or later, this little ball of tears at the back of my throat will be replaced with extreme excitement and summer happiness! The weather here has gone a little rainy, so I'm sitting on the sofas with a cup of tea, Hector as entertainment, and watching crap French tv.
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