A walk in the woods

Yesterday Hector, my mum and I decided it was time to have an adventure in the woods. So we did. We grabbed a bottle of water, our raincoats (just in case), and went on a little adventure.
Near the house, there is this huge Pine trees forest. I don't know if you know what Pine trees smell like, but you have to agree with me on this one. They smell DIVINE! I wish I could capture smells like we capture photographs. We met this little blue friend on the way, he was strolling around, he says hi by the way. We also met two lumberjacks having their lunch (Hector loved them, especially after one of them gave him a piece of bread...), then we bumped into this stack of trunks. I find wood so fascinating and beautiful! Look at that one, doesn't it look like a tortoise??

In other news, I have decided to open Joy Felicity Jane for sponsors, so if you're interested you can go and have a look here ! I'd be happy to connect with you and maybe swap buttons..!