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20 things I love about summer

I spent yet another day at the beach. My love for England in the sun is growing bigger every day! I had time to think about all the lovely things I love in the summer, and what I cannot wait to do! I thought I'd share it with you...

- The smell of sun lotion/oil on my tanned skin. Coconut and Monoi are my favourites.

- The freckles on my nose.

- Refreshing swims. River swims. Pool swims. Lake swims. Sea swims.

- My hair getting blonder every day.

- Fresh fruits, vegetables from the garden, or the farmers market every saturday morning.

- Living in my bikini.

- Picnics.

- Skinny dipping.

- Long dinners with friends, nice food, wine, on a warm summer evening.

- Being able to wear anything and still look good. Summer glow.

- Snorkelling, hand stands, diving, canoeing, hiking.

- Playing badminton in the garden, tennis and waterpolo.

- Horse ridding in the sunrise or in the sunset.

- Festivals.

- Spending the day at the waterfalls in the mountain.

- Lying on the trampoline to look at the sky and count all the shooting stars.

- Family reunions. The house packed with cousins and laughter.

- A cold shower after a day spent at the beach.

- Wavy beach hair.

- No makeup.

Gypsy & the kittens

English beach