The beginning of a new life or the end of life as I know it.

This is IT guys! 

My law degree is finally OVER !!!!

I couldn't be happier! No more horrible exams, no more law, no more endless nights in the library! Sure.. I might be doing another degree next year, but this time around I will actually ENJOY what I'm studying!

It hasn't hit me yet that it's truly the end! 
I feel guilty for having my social life back! I feel like there's still some revisions waiting for me at home. 

I think the sun knew I was finished and decided to show its lovely face all day! I mean that kind of weather in England is RARE people. That is why brits know that any opportunities you have to get your pale legs in the sun, just RUN outside in your shorts and enjoy it while it lasts!

So I ran outside to the nearest park and soaked in the lovely sun! I even let my hair dry naturally, which explains the wet hair up there! (in case you think I've got a serious case of greasy hair... as you do) Oh and I actually read a book which did not involve law of any sorts! That hasn't happened in years. 

Me and the girls then decided it was pub time. We found one with a lovely roof terrace and soaked in some more sun while sipping on our lemonade/ginger beer/pear cider.

We then ordered 'moules&frites' (mussels and french fries - a belgian delicacy) It was the perfect way to end this lovely summer evening.

I have plans to go to the beach tomorrow. Yes you read that right. The BEACH. In England. In May. Cos' I'm crazy like that!