Red as a Poppy

Sometimes you just feel like wearing bright red lipstick, even if you're only leaving the house for 2 hours. That's what I felt like yesterday.
Then some days you just feel like staying in your pj's all day. That's me today. I'll spare you with a beautiful photograph. I'm sure your imagination works heaven.
I am currently revising for this 'wild' module I took during autumn term called 'The Anthropology of Eating'. (why they call it 'wild'..I have no idea. There's nothing wild about it. Apart maybe from being completely different from my degree) 
See, I do Law... And I'm telling you, as a law student if you can get extra credits NOT doing  will jump on it like a kid jumps on his favourite cookies.
So I jumped. And now I'm hungry. Like all day. Because all I read about is food. Food is everywhere. In my textbooks, the lecture slides, the past exams papers. EVERYWHERE.
I'm not going to complain, but this is not helping the whole summer body plan.
Gotta go I have some studying to do in my kitchen.
I hope you have a lovely weekend!