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Summer Wish List 1

Summer wish List 1
Summer Wish List 1
Summer Wish List 1
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Here's my first summer wish list! There will be a few, just because I ADORE summer more than anything, and I just cannot wait for it! I have tried my best to find the direct source for that  beautiful mint bikini, but I failed. Very sad as I would have bought it straight away! So if any of you knows where it comes from, please let me know!! Happy friday everyone!

Ps: I am aware that waffles and wallpaper aren't really expected on a 'summer' list. But let me just explain, waffles >> because I never have time to make them, so summer holiday = perfect time. Then wallpaper >> Well I'm thinking redecorating my room... maybe? Anyway, there's loads of butterflies in the summer too... right? So that's not too weird. ha.

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