Brioche Burger Buns

The other day we had friends over for dinner. We had gazpacho, followed with burgers and Eton Mess for dessert. It was my first time ever making burger buns, and I was pleasantly surprised!

I am not a fan of store bought burger buns. Don't get me wrong they can be life saving if you have no time. But there is nothing better than homemade burgers with homemade buns. Nothing (except brownies).

I followed this lovely recipe from Sprouted Kitchen (which by the way I'm a fan off.. I will be forever happy once I master food photography as well as they do - not the case right now...) 

They are very simple to make, you just need to plan ahead to give them enough rising time. They are perfect with any kind of burgers. They do have a little sweet taste, which is why they are called 'Brioche Buns', if you don't like your buns too sweet I'd say put 1 tablespoon instead of 2 and a half. You choose!

I was going to give you our gazpacho recipe first, just because this heat is ridiculous and I can't think or eat much when it's too hot. A lot of liquids, salads and fruits, but certainly nothing too heavy. 
But before that I need to beg my dad for his recipe. I'm working on it.