Snap Snap

I may have forgotten to mention something.... I GOT MY RESULTS !! 
I am now officially graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours.
Graduation day is on the 11th of July.
I am Oh so excited. Relieved and a lot more peaceful!
I am now enjoying my stress free days in the sun, with puppies and smoothies. It feels good man!
We have experienced the most beautiful sunset last night!! (Note that the last two pictures are unedited!) The colours were breathtaking. It was unexpected as it had been raining all day... Oh how I love Nature. It's pretty good at taking my breath away.
As my dad always says "Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning."
Once again he was right, what a beautiful day I woke up to today! It is so hot, it's hardly bearable in the sun. We are hiding from the heat under the big tree in front of the house, with iced tea and a nice book (read 'The Hunger Games'...cannotstopreadingit) Taking breaks for a refreshing swim.
All those lazy days are very good at making me forget about my monster of a to-do list. I know it's bad... but oh how it feels good !!